Donate $1000 or More Get a Zaka/Iron Swords Medal

Donate $1000 or More Get a Zaka/Iron Swords Medal

Thanks to the vigilance of the neighbors, the life of an 85-year-old man who slipped and fell in his house was saved!

ZAKA volunteers were called to Rachel Street in Haifa following a report by neighbors, that the elderly person they visit every day did not answer the phone or respond to knocks on the door. Emergency services were called and the police and firefighters broke into the house. The elderly man was found laying on the floor, fully conscious! 

The elderly man had been lying on the floor for more than a day, after slipping and falling.

“I shouted for help all over my throat until I lost my strength. I knocked on the floor with my hands and feet but no one could hear me. The hardest part was the cold at night, my whole body was shaking from the cold. I was already sure my life was coming to an end. I was very lucky the good neighbors thought of me.”

“This is an 85-year-old man who lives alone. neighbors told us that following the difficult cases of finding people long after their deaths, they decided to visit and take care of the neighbor every day” according to Arla Horowitz who volunteers with ZAKA in the North

“Today they made several attempts to check on him, but there was no answer. In the evening, fearing for his life, they called the police and the fire brigade. After breaking into the house they found the elderly man lying on the floor. He said he slipped and lay on the floor for more than a day. Thank God, thanks to the neighbors’ attention, a disaster was averted here. “


Words from Yehuda Meshi Zahav

“Exciting and amazing! This story joins dozens of stories of neighbors who saved their isolated neighbor thanks to their vigilance” says Yehuda Meshi Zahav, Chairman of the ZAKA, “Real life-saving. We are currently working on a number of innovative projects to save more and more childless and lonely people and prevent unnecessary and horrific deaths.”

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