ZAKA. Ready for whatever tomorrow brings…

Let my people go!

(Exodus 9:1)

This Pesach the age-old journey of the Jewish nation from bondage to freedom is in your hands!

Today in Ukraine thousands of Jews suffer the modern-day bondage of war and its horrors.
Their Exodus from peril and torment is in your hands!

Support the Jewish heroes of ZAKA!
Help them rescue our sisters and brothers now trapped and suffering in the Ukraine warzone!

Celebrate the Jewish Festival of Freedom in the most meaningful way by contributing to the Liberation of Jews from war-ravaged Ukraine!

When there is no money for a stretcher, our hands are also a stretcher.

A smile that tells everything, a smile of relief, I was saved.

Let my people go! said Moses to Pharaoh in the Book of Exodus (9:1)

Let my people go! cried the Jews of Europe to their tormentors in the Holocaust Let my people go! demanded the Jewish Prisoners of Zion of the rulers of the USSR

But today, we no longer need to beg anyone for our freedom!
It’s up to US, it’s up to YOU!

This Pesach, help us cover the constantly rising costs of:
rescue operations, medications, local ambulance services, transportation to safety, basic equipment and food for refugees, welcome crews at border crossings, and the establishment of more 24/7 call centers!

In this great hour of need

you too can help our brothers and sisters in war-ravaged Ukraine


Recognized by the UN

ZAKA is recognized by the UN as an official advisor, and ZAKA training is recognized by INSARAG, the UN’s gold-standard world network of disaster-responding organizations.

Your money goes to the right place

Today, ZAKA numbers 3,800 heroic volunteers, and no more than 13 paid employees – which means that your money does the job you intended it to do: a rapid response to disasters in Israel and around the world!

Because where every life matters
Every gift matters!

And when every minute counts,
It’s your big Jewish ❤ that really counts!

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Donate now to HELP save lives! Donate now to HELP save lives!