Donate $1000 or More Get a Zaka/Iron Swords Medal

Donate $1000 or More Get a Zaka/Iron Swords Medal

Mere days ago, Israel was in a state of traumatic chaos. 4,050 rockets constantly rained down on the populous, forcing millions of Israeli’s to take shelter and causing irreparable damage throughout central and southern Israel. Innocent lives were lost, homes were reduced to rubble, and families were torn asunder. Luckily, ZAKA’s courageous volunteers worked in the heat of battle 24/7 to continue their incredible work in saving lives and, when tragedy struck, in properly treating the dead with dignity. These selfless deeds kept the country together during a war that threatened to tear it apart; all without a second thought.


Our beloved supporters recognized these heroes by sponsoring hundreds of care packages to be sent out to ZAKA’s staff. Great care was taken to ensure that these gifts addressed not only the volunteers but their families too. After all, they were the ones who sacrificed their fathers, brothers, and husbands day in and day out during the war. They were the ones who stayed up at night, wondering if their love one would safely return home. That is why the bundles we gave to our team included board games and toys for these volunteers’ families to enjoy. We made sure to send these care packages far and wide, delivering them to our personnel’s homes in order to show our gratitude for their sacrifices.


The war taught us much about how we can better equip ZAKA’s first-responder personnel. Hamas, the Gaza-based terror organization, brought their malicious hatred to the doorsteps of millions of Israeli civilians, unwillingly putting these innocent bystanders into their warpath. Our trained volunteers often worked in cities with constant barrages of rockets raining down every minute of every day. In order to protect these brave heroes, supporters to ZAKA donated state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our team’s ability to respond to calamities during wartime. These invaluable recourses included  bullet proof body armor to protect ZAKA’s staff from shrapnel. It included helmets to ensure the safety of our men even when their under fire. We pray that we never need to use these devices again, but the people of Israel can definitely rest easier knowing that our staff are prepared for anything, even war.

On behalf of ZAKA, we thank all who supported us to make this campaign a reality.

Donate now to HELP save lives! Donate now to HELP save lives!