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Support Our Jewish Heroes in the Ukraine Warzone!

Once again ZAKA’s brave volunteers answer the call, saving lives and upholding Kvod HaMet in war-ravaged Ukraine

80 years ago, no one wanted to be a Jew in Ukraine.

Today, everyone in Ukraine envies the Jews!

80 years ago, another brutal war raged through Ukraine: The Second World War. At that time, Ukrainian Jews, hunted, hungry, homeless, and hopeless, were looked upon, at best, with horror and pity.

Today, in the Ukraine warzone of 2022, the situation has been reversed:

Israelis and Jews in Ukraine are regarded with envy by other Ukrainians – because they have someone to rescue them, care for them, and receive them with open arms: the Jewish Heroes of ZAKA!

ZAKA’s Jewish Heroes 

play a major role in this enormous effort of the Jewish nation.

Maxim and family, rescued by ZAKA after their home in Kiev was hit by a missile. >>

Help us cover the constantly rising costs of:
rescue operations, medications, local ambulance services, transportation to safety, basic equipment and food for refugees, welcome crews at border crossings, and the establishment of more 24/7 call centers!

ZAKA’s Jewish Heroes play a major role in this enormous effort of the Jewish nation:

Saving lives under fire on Shabbat Kodesh

“פיקוח נפש דוחה שבת”

On Shabbat, March 5, ZAKA’s call center in Ukraine received a call about a family from the Jewish community in Kiev, severely wounded when their home was hit by a missile. ZAKA’s volunteers in Ukraine, assisted by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, obtained the necessary permits, and rushed the family by ambulance to the Moldovan border, then by airplane to a hospital in Israel for life-saving treatment.

Honoring the dead

Bringing Roman Brodeski’s body home to Israel

Roman Brodeski, a 37-year-old father of two, was the first Israeli casualty in Ukraine, killed when trying to escape from Kiev with his family. ZAKA, in a dramatic operation, together with Roman’s family, Chabad, and Israel’s Foreign Ministry, brought his body home to Israel in only three days, and he was buried in Arad where his parents live.

Ready to answer every call

from Jews in war-stricken Ukraine

ZAKA has expanded its humanitarian help centers both in Israel and on location in Ukraine, and now responds daily to hundreds of calls from Jews and Israelis – stranded, wounded, or homeless in the ravaged country. Our representatives rush to scenes of disaster, await weary travelers on the borders to neighboring countries, and assist thousands of Jewish refugees on their road to safety.

In this great hour of need

you too can help our brothers and sisters in war-ravaged Ukraine


Recognized by the UN

ZAKA is recognized by the UN as an official advisor, and ZAKA training is recognized by INSARAG, the UN’s gold-standard world network of disaster-responding organizations.

Your money goes to the right place

Today, ZAKA numbers 3,800 heroic volunteers, and no more than 13 paid employees – which means that your money does the job you intended it to do: a rapid response to disasters in Israel and around the world!

Because where every life matters
Every gift matters!

And when every minute counts,
It’s your big Jewish ❤ that really counts!

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