Donate $1000 or More Get a Zaka/Iron Swords Medal

Donate $1000 or More Get a Zaka/Iron Swords Medal

ZAKA volunteers from Samaria who operated at the scene of the grizzly terrorist attack where Esther Horgan was murdered on Sunday, visited the grieving family offering their condolences.

ZAKA’s team, which included the organization’s chairman, Yehuda ‘Meshi’ Zahav, ZAKA District Commander Gil Bismuth, ZAKA Brigadier General Haim Weingarten, also joined in offering their heartfelt condolences following the tragic event.

The team of volunteers, which included in-laws of the Horgan family, took part in the long hours of searching in the Reihan forest, until Esther’s body was located.

ZAKA, which is world-renowned for caring of peoples killed in terror attacks, was again given the task of collecting all of Esther’s remains.

Esther’s husband and father of her six kids, Binyamin, thanked the ZAKA volunteers for their dedicated and sensitive holy work with heartache and tears. “Like all the people of Israel, I have followed your activity for years. It sanctifies the name of God in Israel and in the world. I would always say to myself, that I am incapable of this sacred work. But I never imagined that I would ever have to hear up close about your labor during such a disaster and a personal tragedy.”

ZAKA volunteers listened attentively as he passionately discussed his passion roots he settled in the land of Israel. He recalled the challenges that were at the beginning of the settlement of their village – Tal Menashe, and how the roots that deepened over time nurtured a firm grip on the land of Israel. “No pain or crisis will break us,” said Benjamin. 

Let’s hope they know no more sorrow and grief.

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