Pittsburgh, October 2018

“An act of pure evil”

ZAKA Search and Rescue Commander in Pittsburgh Rabbi Elisar Admon remained at the scene of America’s deadliest anti-Semitic attack throughout the night. With patience and sensitivity, he briefed the FBI and emergency forces on Jewish burial laws, explaining the many issues that relate to honoring the dead despite the confines of an FBI crime scene.


Thanks to the close cooperation between ZAKA and the FBI, Admon was allowed to enter the site together with the local rabbi to make initial preparations and identifications and ensure the removal of the bodies for burial in accordance with Jewish law. Such was the level of cooperation and religious sensitivity displayed by the FBI as a result of the mutual confidence and trust that Rabbi Admon and his team of ZAKA volunteers were allowed to access the site on a room by room basis to clean the area of all bodily remains and spilled blood for burial.

In today’s world, where natural and manmade disasters often overwhelm local emergency forces by their inordinate scope, communities deserve to receive the right training and tools
necessary to save lives. The importance of local teams rescuing survivors in their own region is essential, and this is precisely the solution that ZAKA Search and Rescue offers to communities throughout the United States and around the globe.


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