Donate $1000 or More Get a Zaka/Iron Swords Medal

Donate $1000 or More Get a Zaka/Iron Swords Medal

Thousands of volunteers on call 24/7

To respond to any terror attack, accident or disaster.

Who Are WE

ZAKA Search and Rescue

ZAKA Search and Rescue is a UN-recognized humanitarian volunteer organization that provides a rapid response to mass casualty disasters across the world. To date, ZAKA has saved thousands of lives—and honored those who couldn’t be saved with dignity in death.

 We are ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

International Recognition and Operations

ZAKA has earned the support and recognition of the United Nations.


The UN recognizes ZAKA as an international volunteer humantirian organazation


ZAKA achieves advisory status as an official body at the UN


ZAKA training course recognized by INSARAG, the gold-standard world network of disaster-responding organazations

what do we do

What ZAKA Offers


the legal department

The purpose of the department is to assist families with legal problems that can arise regarding the deceased.
ZAKA’s Legal Department is especially adept at handling cases where legal action is required to prevent pathological autopsy that could harm their dignity of the deceased. They also can help grieving families expedite the funeral proccess by shortening the bureaucratic procedures vis-à-vis the officials. 


Services for Mourners

ZAKA offers a special gemach (free-loan service) for families in their seven days of mourning after the death of a family member. The gemach has everything the family might need at this time available for free use – benches for visitors, low chairs for the mourners, Prayer books and books on Jewish Law and Thought to help understand these difficult times, and even water urns, mattresses, and other household items to make sure they are comfortable and taken care of. In addition, ZAKA has special portable Aronot Kodesh to hold Sifrei Torah, enabling mourners to pray with a minyan (ten men) for all the prayers every day.

Missing Child Hotline

In the case of, God forbid, a missing child, this hotline is always available to call so that the emergency services nearby will be updated to be on the lookout. They often get calls of found children as well and are able to quickly return the child to their parent.


Emergency kit stands

Every ZAKA volunteer knows about the “four-minute rule’’. The first four minutes after an accident are the most critical when saving a life, and every second counts. In an effort to cut down response time, ZAKA has established Emergency Kit Stands all over the country. Each stand is equipped with lifesaving equipment so that paramedics at the scene don’t have to wait for supplies to arrive – and instead can get right to work saving lives.


Search and rescue

ZAKA has many units in their search and rescue division. Whether it’s the K9 Unit, the Jeep Unit or the Divers Unit – ZAKA is equipped and ready, with highly trained personnel, to effectively find and rescue missing persons in any situation.


Safety 101

ZAKA is known for their emergency response services, but they also engage in preventing the emergencies in the first place. ZAKA delegations go to schools, workplaces and even locations around the world to educate the masses about safety. Their main focus is on road safety, travel (especially when lakes and beaches are involved) as well as the security situation in Israel.


International resource

Zaka offers assistance to any problem involving the dignity of the dead around the world. With contact around the world, and as an organization recognized by the UN, they effectively solve all problems that come up including questions of autopsy and cremation, bureaucracy, permits, flight arrangements and the transfer of bodies between countries.

ask the rabbi

Every day, ZAKA handles hundreds of unique cases. Over the years, ZAKA has been exposed to thousands of complex Halachic questions, and have developed a deep knowledge in all the laws regarding the deceased, missing people and other cases. 

ZAKA in numbers


Jeeps of Volunteers

Days Active

Motorcycles of Volunteers


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