Key Takeaways:

  • Donations to ZAKA provide tax benefits to donors, thanks to incentives provided by the IRS in the United States and the Canada Revenue Agency in Canada.
  • The IRS has temporarily suspended the limits on charitable contributions. Individuals can now deduct qualified contributions of up to 100% of their adjusted gross income (AGI), and corporations can deduct up to 25% of their taxable income.
  • In Canada, donors can receive a Charitable Donations Tax Credit (CDTC) of up to 33% of the donated amount at the federal level, with additional tax credits available depending on the province of residence.
  • Donations can be carried forward for up to five years in Canada, and the credits can be transferred to a spouse or common-law partner.

In a world where unpredictability is a constant, ZAKA stands as a beacon of hope. Dedicated to preserving human dignity and saving lives, ZAKA’s operations span a crucial intersection of life and death. Their steadfast dedication to unity and adherence to Jewish traditions has allowed them to create a profound impact that resonates with individuals worldwide.

Your support, both in spirit and through donations, makes this possible. As you consider your financial contributions, it’s important to recognize not only the life-saving impact of your donations but also the benefits you can reap as a donor.

Amplifying Your Impact through Charitable Donations

Every donation made to ZAKA supports their vital services. It enables the renowned paramedic service and specialist search and rescue units to act swiftly and effectively when every second counts. It’s more than just money – it’s fuel for hope, security, and life-saving operations.

In addition to the humanitarian benefits, the IRS provides tax incentives to encourage charitable donations. These incentives can be particularly beneficial given the recent changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Guide to US and Canadian Charitable Tax Deductions

Contributing to charities like ZAKA offers immeasurable value to society, providing critical assistance to those who need it most. Moreover, it also benefits you, the donor, in the form of significant tax benefits. As a resident of the US or Canada, you’re eligible for certain tax deductions when you donate to eligible charities. In this section, we’ll explore these tax advantages for both countries, offering insights into how your generous contributions can result in meaningful tax savings.

United States Tax Deductions for Charitable Contributions

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides significant tax incentives for charitable contributions made by both individuals and corporations.

Currently, the IRS has temporarily suspended the limits on charitable contributions. As an individual, you can now deduct qualified contributions of up to 100% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). For corporations, the limit has been raised to 25% of taxable income.

These changes are temporary but provide a unique opportunity for significant tax benefits while supporting ZAKA’s critical mission.

Canadian Charitable Donations Tax Credit

Donating to charity in Canada can result in significant tax benefits. As a donor, you can receive a Charitable Donations Tax Credit (CDTC) of up to 33% of the donated amount at the federal level. Additional tax credits may be available depending on your province of residence.

To qualify, your donations must be made to a registered charity or public organization. These can take various forms, such as money, property, stocks, cultural, and ecological gifts.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) also provides flexibility with your donation credits. For instance, you can transfer your donation credits to a spouse or common-law partner. This can help you maximize your donation credit and optimize the use of donations for your family’s tax return.

Unused donations can be carried forward for up to five years, allowing you to leverage your tax credits strategically. However, the maximum amount that can be claimed is 75% of net income, unless a member of perpetual poverty.

Harnessing the Power of End-of-the-Year Donations

End-of-the-year donations to ZAKA not only support their noble cause but also provide substantial tax benefits. With the temporary suspension of limits on charitable contributions, you can make significant donations at the end of the year, potentially reducing your taxable income and leading to sizable tax savings.

Support ZAKA Today

Supporting ZAKA’s life-saving work is an investment in humanity and a testament to the values of unity, dignity, and the sanctity of life. With the enhanced tax benefits currently available, there has never been a better time to contribute.

Remember the wise words from the Talmud:

“Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.”

By supporting ZAKA, you can be part of this sacred mission.

Donate today and experience the dual benefits of supporting a noble cause and reducing your tax burden. Let’s save lives, preserve dignity, and build a better world together.

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