Moshe Gomru, Commander, Central District ZAKA, who was at the scene of the fatal rocket attack this evening in Rishon leZion: “This was a two-story building that received a direct hit at the front of the building.  When I arrived, there was a large commotion. I saw a woman, who apparently did not manage to enter the safe room in time, lying close to the building, suffering from multiple injuries as a result of shrapnel. MDA paramedics were forced to pronounce her dead at the scene. ZAKA Central Region volunteers are working to clear the difficult scene of human remains.”
Motti Bukchin, ZAKA spokesperson:”This is the third fatal scene that ZAKA volunteers have handled during this round of missile attacks. In the morning, ZAKA volunteers in Ashkelon treated two women who were killed in separate incidents by direct hits and in the evening, a third woman who was killed by a direct hit. This is a very difficult scene to witness, dozens of ZAKA volunteers are working now to honor the dead, by ensuring that all human remains are removed from the scene.”

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